Every day we are bombarded with TV and magazine ads telling us the virtues of the latest drugs and telling us that our problems may be caused by “chemical imbalances” in our brains or that if we’re worried about something, we might have “Generalized Anxiety Disorder”. 

And we see commercials that tell us how wonderful these drugs are and that then list an unbelievable collection of side-effects. One anti-depressant lists “increased depression” amongst its side-effects and even “death” (hardly a side-effect!). The TV ads usually omit to mention the longer term effects of these drugs which can be irreversible damage to the brain and nervous system as well as harmful behavioral changes.

We are also told that our kids may be suffering from “ADD” because they exhibit “symptoms” that seem remarkably like the normal ways we used to behave as kids. It’s often noted that the side-effects listed for these drugs often sound worse than the problems they’re claiming to cure. Is there more to all this than meets the eye?

The information at this web site has been assembled from quotes and statistics found in numerous books and other sites all over the web, many of them from medical doctors and even psychiatrists.

What you’ll find here merely scratches the surface of the research that is available. The “Further Study” section provides book lists and web links for those interested in finding out more about these subjects.

The news is not all bad however as there are many alternative solutions to becoming a long-term vegetable with more symptoms than you know what to do with. Also, recently a number of harmful drugs have been banned for use on children due to withheld information about suicides finally being revealed.

This site owes a great deal to the tireless research of hundreds of people who care about your freedoms and the future of your children.

Warning: Before you stop taking any psychiatric drug, you need to seek the advice and assistance of a competent non-psychiatric medical doctor.