1) That drug companies have used fraudulent misinformation to unnecessarily harm people and cause more disease for profit.

Due to wanting to make huge profits,* the drug companies have falsified their research and withheld crucial findings, paid consultants to back their false research and gotten in bed with the FDA which has released extremely harmful drugs on an unsuspecting public. Prior to this, psychiatry has invented diseases as outlined in item 2) below and then demanded drugs to treat these “diseases”. These drugs have caused many deaths every year, mentally maimed many others and they create new symptoms and “side-effects” that then “need” other drugs or even new drugs thus guaranteeing future high profits for the same drug companies. There is a great deal of vested financial interest in falsely persuading people that they have mental “disorders” that these drugs will solve.

When a body has a problem, it creates a symptom or symptoms as part of a warning system, the body’s cry for help. When you use drugs to suppress the person’s ability to experience those symptoms, the body has no choice but to create new symptoms to warn you. Then you suppress those symptoms and sooner or later you have a plethora of new symptoms that you never had before. These drugs create a vicious cycle of more symptoms and then more drugs, each with their own package of new symptoms.

Prozac, beginning to be called the mental thalidomide of the 21st century, and its cousins – the so-called SSRIs – are all thought to work by boosting the effects of the neurotransmitter serotonin (and in some cases norepinephrine). Boosting those neurotransmitters without handling underlying causes can be accompanied by a long list of negative effects that are often far worse than the original complaints, especially over the long-term. When you give the wrong solution to a problem, the solution then becomes the problem.

* Blockbuster drugs like Pfizer’s Lipitor, a cholesterol-lowering medicine, can bring in $3 million or $4 million per day, Prozac made Lilly $2 billion last year and the industry as a whole made $126 billion in 1999.

2) That Psychiatry has labeled numerous aspects of human behavior as “mental diseases” in order to sell more drugs.

Due to wanting to get back into the mainstream of influence in the society and to cover the fact that it simply doesn’t have a clear understanding of the human mind, psychiatry has invented and continued to invent false labels and incorrect theories to describe various behavior patterns that it calls “disorders” in order to be able to push the harmful drugs that make huge profits for its bedfellow pharmaceutical companies.

When you have a subject with so many differing and opposing theories you know that that subject doesn’t have the answers. And in fact, psychiatry is still in the dark ages compared to most other disciplines. And we and our children are their guinea pigs. At least the more barbaric of their “treatments”, electric shocks to the brain and lobotomies with icepicks, have finally been banned in many states. As Lawrence Stevens has pointed out, “Just as bloodletting said something about incorrect theory and the state of ignorance in health care in the past, brain damaging “therapies” such as “psychosurgery”, electroshock, and psychiatric drugs reveal much about incorrect theory and ignorance in psychiatry today.”

To paraphrase Karl Loren, psychiatrists see some behavior, want to sell psychiatric drugs, so give the behavior a name and claim that the drug will cure the behavior, or psychiatrists give someone a psychiatric drug for any reason, and the psychiatric drug CAUSES some unusual behavior. The psychiatrists THEN put a label on that behavior, call it a “disease,” claim that this “disease” is caused by some “chemical imbalance in the brain,” and then sell a psychiatric drug to cure this “disease.”

To observe that people who are depressed have greater or lesser amounts of seratonin or norepinephrine in their brains and then state that the cause of depression is these greater or lesser amounts of seratonin (a “chemical imbalance”) is putting the sequence backwards. The actual sequence is that something (or more often, someone) happens in life or a person is unconsciously reminded of something that happened earlier that triggers the depression which causes a change in brain chemistry as well as other physical changes (the uncomfortable physical sensations associated with anxiety, for instance), notthe other way around. The behavior is caused by something – but it is not caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain – thereby requiring a psychiatric drug.

In February of this year a psychiatrist even announced, “They’re the life and soul of the party, the first person to be invited to the latest social event of the week, commanding attention with their infectious enthusiasm. Such exuberance could be a sign of something more serious than high spirits. It could be indicative of bipolar disorder, an illness which affects one in 100 people.

Here’s a few actual examples of “disorders” currently listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV):

Mathematics Disorder
Nocturnal sleep-related eating disorder
Avoidant Personality Disorder
Transient Tic Disorder
Disorder of Written Expression
Intermittent Explosive Disorder
Female and Male Orgasmic Disorders
Adjustment Disorders
Phonological Disorder
Caffeine Intoxication/Withdrawal Disorders
Conduct Disorder
Nicotine Use or Withdrawal Disorder
Non Compliance With Treatment Disorder
Sibling Rivalry Disorder
and the all-encompassing, Unspecified Mental Disorder

The number of such “disorders” has grown from 112 in 1952 when the DSM was first published to 374 in the 1994 edition. After it was added in 1987 to the American Psychiatric Association’s billing bible, the DSM, within one year, 500,000 American children were diagnosed as ADHD sufferers. Despite the total lack of objective proof of its existence, millions of children have been and are being harmed through the use of this “diagnosis”.

Usually ignored is the fact that these “disorders” (where they even actually exist) can very often be cured by such simple things as proper nutrition, changing something in the person’s environment or finding the undiagnosed physical illness.

The “chemical imbalance” myth is reportedly soon to be replaced by the equally specious “unhealthy nerve-cell connections in the regions of the brain that create our emotions” upcoming myth.

According to the United States General Accounting Office, the United States lost approximately $100 billion to health care fraud in 1998. The Justice Department today readily acknowledges health care fraud as the number one white-collar crime, involving all areas of health care. In recent years the largest health care fraud suit in history involved the smallest sector – mental health.

Some of psychiatry’s fraudulent schemes include:

Billing for dead patients
Fictitious prescriptions
Billing insurance companies for sex with patients
Charging $150 per day for the use of a television as a therapeutic device
Billing for children ages 3 to 5 for treatment of marijuana use
Charging $26 for a pregnancy test on a 12-year-old girl a few days after she had commenced her first menstruation
Billing patient “wake-up” calls as therapy visits
Billing for psychotherapy and other treatments on days when the psychiatrist was out of town or on vacation**

** CCHR Publication, Psychiatry: Committing Fraud

3) That psychiatric drugs over the long-term create more problems for the patient than he started with.

These drugs, while causing hideous damage to so many, when they do “work” (merely suppressing symptoms that are still there but not able to be felt and that often then mask the real problems) often don’t even work as well as placebos, while at the same time setting the person up for a horrible future life that the placebos don’t. In fact, about half of all despondent or “depressed” people will feel significantly better in 6 weeks or less without any “medication”. Drugs, when they work, often work by blocking the nerve connections between the pain source and the brain, thus to a degree numbing the patient. Numb a person enough and he becomes an unfeeling vegetable. This is unfortunately also true of many “meds”. The drugs can provide temporary relief usually no better than a placebo but with terrible long term costs to the hapless patient.

4) That they have targeted our children.

They have sunk so low that they now even target children – who are not in a great position to fight back – and have by a vote of hands labeled everyday normal kid behavior as a “disorder” and having fooled so many about “ADD”, they are even now on TV trying to sell us on “AdultADD” (for which of course they have the perfect drug). Lilly even tried to re-package Prozac as a PMS drug.

5) That psychiatry has insinuated itself into the educational system with devastating results.

Prior to 1960 US education was something we could be proud of with rising SAT scores annually. As detailed in the “Why Are We Being Misled?” section, with the arrival of the psychiatric community in schools in the 60’s, SAT scores took a nose-dive from which they have never recovered. The huge increase in illiteracy has led to an equally huge increase in delinquency, drug abuse and violent crime.

6) That they have duped well-intentioned doctors, teachers and celebritiesinto forwarding their destructive mission.

Many doctors and teachers have unwittingly been made into salesmen and drug pushers working for the pharmaceutical companies. Doctors, often very harried with too many patients, are besieged with and pressured by drug company promotion people pushing them to take their drugs and extolling the virtues of the latest horror pill, and schools are paid for every kid they can get onto a psychiatric drug. The drug companies have made doctors and teachers, who are often hardworking, dedicated professionals, unwittingly into their field reps.

7) That there are natural non-harmful solutions available that get suppressed.

So many natural non-harmful and much safer alternatives exist that can alleviate and cure what’s causing the person to have the original symptoms that have been used by psychiatrists and drug companies to drag them into their personal hells. And these alternatives frequently come under attack by the American Psychiatric Association and their paid lobbyists.

Overall it’s a brilliant business strategy if only it weren’t so harmful to your mental and physical health.

Should you believe everything you read in these pages? No, like with any subject you should do your own research and trust your own observations. But observe well and do your research deeply enough and be careful not to be fooled by what seems to be a recovery using these harmful drugs. Look also at what the person has lost, what new symptoms they have and especially their long-term changes. Don’t be fooled by that “nice quiet” child who has lost all her joi-de-vivre and who inside has become an emotionally numb vegetable. Always look at what has been added to the person by these drugs.

And then when you have come to your own conclusions about what is really going on, join the many who are trying to do something about it and at the very least let others know.

Thank you.